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Top Requested Handouts
 - A Friendlier Windows 10
 - Slow Computer Tune-up
 - Fix Internet Problems
 - Where are my Favorites?
 - Honey, I Pulled The Plug
 - Windows Best Practices
 - How to Buy a New Computer

Free Anti-Virus programs
I no longer recommend an anti-virus program for Windows 10 users.

For Windows 7 and Vista, I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials

Malware Removal programs
  MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

Free On-Line Virus Scanners
  ESET OnLine Safety Scanner
  CenturyLink On-Line Scanner

Updated June 2017

Welcome!  I'm Glad You're Here!

Jim is Back!  

Free computer clinics will resume on July 20th.
Windows 10 classes will resume in the Fall.

I am a volunteer providing free computer help to the residents of Sun City Aliante.  At my Free Computer Clinic, I can help with: 1) fixing your computer, 2) removing viruses and spyware, 3) instruction and tips for Windows and most programs, and 4) answering computer questions, or giving computer advice.  Bring your broken, virus ridden, computer and questions.  I will not only fix it, but teach you how to avoid problems! My new e-mail address is scalcomputerguy @

Windows 10 Tips

 CLICK HERE for my page with a lot more information and tips on Windows 10.

Two Tips From the Sun City Computer Guy

No one from Microsoft will ever call you or pop up a screen on your computer telling you your computer has a problem and offering to help you fix it.  It is a scam.  Restart your computer or hang up immediately.  Don't tell them anything. 

Lately, our residents have been getting a lot of computer viruses through e-mails from: FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, OnTrak, Walmart, and many others about a failed attempted package delivery.  These e-mails are fake.  These package delivery services will never contact you by e-mail.  Delete these e-mails without opening them. 

In-Home Computer Help

Sorry, I don't visit homes for computer help.  CLICK HERE for a listing of computer professionals who do.  Please support any who advertise in our community magazine - The Breeze