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In-Home Computer Technical Support

Sorry, I don't provide phone or in-home computer technical support.  I am glad to help by email or at the Community Center on Thursday mornings.

However, there are many professionals who do.  I cannot vouch for the quality of any of them.  Because in-home technical support can be very expensive, I recommend you get an estimate.

Professionals Who Advertise in The Sun City Aliante Breeze

(As of Jan 1st, 2019)

Gary the Computer Guy                                                                           

(702) 448-2422                                                              

Other local computer professionals


The Geek Squad at Best Buy                                         Staples

6455 N Decatur Blvd                                                     6960 North 5th Street

Las Vegas, NV  89131                                                    N Las Vegas, NV 89084

Phone (702) 655-7599                                                  702-399-2431


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