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I teach two types of classes: 1) large classroom (abt 50 folks) classes are FREE, and 2) individualized instruction (groups of abt 5) classes cost $10 for a two-hour hands on class taught in the computer room.  Send me an e-mail if you're interested in taking any of them.  When there is enough interest, I'll be glad to schedule it.

Watch The Breeze for my monthly column on Computer Tips.  They cover a wide variety of topics and will make living with your computer a lot easier.  Also, check with the Monitor's Desk and in The Breeze for the next class I'll be teaching.

Some of the Classes I Teach

NOTE:  If you missed the class, but would like to view and download either the handouts that were given out or the slides that were shown, click on the class logo shown below.  It will take you to more information on the class.

Windows 8 Symbol
Intro to Windows 8

How to
Remove Malware
How to Buy a computer
Advanced Microsoft Word Hard Disk

How to
Back up Your Files
Slow Computer image

Slow Computer
Windows 7 Logo

Using the Best of
Windows 7
Microsoft Excel Logo

Microsoft Excel 2010
Computer Tune-up


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