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The free WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE OFFER from WINDOWS 7 AND 8.1 expired on July 29, 2016.  After July 29, 2016, It will cost about $119 and is available from various retailers (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Staples, and many more.)  I do not recommend you try to upgrade a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer to Windows 10.  In most cases, XP and Vista computers do not meet the minimum hardware requirements to run Windows 10. 

"Backing up your files with File History" Class

All of the materials I used in class are listed below.  Feel free to download and print!

            - Slides used in class
            - How to turn on File History in Windows 10
            - How to Restore Files using File History in Windows 10
            - A Friendlier Windows 10
            - How to buy a laptop computer - A Shopping Guide
            - Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
            - 10 Windows Best Practices for Windows 10
Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10

"Intro to Windows 10" Class

I taught a two-hour class called "An Introduction to Windows 10 in December 2016.  If you would like to download all of the handouts I used in class, you may download them below.  If you'd like more information on the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, go to the Microsoft 10 web site by clicking HERE.

Handouts used in class

A Friendlier Windows 10 - Customize Windows 10 to make it easier to use
Explore the Windows Store - Microsoft Digital Workshop
Use Windows 10 Mail and Calendar - Microsoft Digital Workshop
Setup e-mail in the Mail App for Windows 10
Send email to a contact from the People app in Windows 10
Get creative with Photo Gallery - Microsoft Digital Workshop
Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Additional downloadable material that was not in the Handout Packet

Create, read, and respond to messages in Mail for Windows 10
Set-up a Cox email account in Windows 10 using the Mail App
Microsoft Word 2016 Quick Start Guide

Also, the good folks at Holland America Line have partnered with Microsoft to make a GREAT series of 26 handouts that teach how to use Windows 10.  I recommend them highly.  You can download the latest version of each of their handouts HERE.  As of December, 2016, the handouts are not current with the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  However, in spite of the minor differences, they are still a great set of guides.  In addition, if you ever take a Holland America Line cruise, I recommend you take the classes in their onboard Digital Workshop sponsored by Microsoft.  They are great workshops and fill up quickly.

Where is the Windows 10 book? 
What is a good Windows 10 book?

The best Windows 10 book I have found is built right in to Windows 10.  It is called the "Tips" App and is in the main app menu.  Look for it there, or search for it using Cortana.  You will be glad you did!

Windows 7 Games

The games from Windows 7 and earlier are not in Windows 10.  I recommend to look for new games in the Windows 10 Store.  However, if you just can't live without your old windows games, the folks at have modified them to run on Windows 10.  You can download them HERE.



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